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Why Digital Marketing?

Est. 2022 Budgeted Spend (IAB research)



  • Digital Video 19.3%
  • Social Media 16.6%
  • Digital Display 16.4%
  • Paid Search (SEM) 13.7%
  • Digital Audio 8.4%
  • Digital Out-of-Home 3.4%



Linear TV

  • Broadcast
  • Cable



  • Radio
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Out-of-Home


Digital Marketing


For our clients, we aim to achieve exceptional revenue numbers and high ROI. To do this, we invest enough time to understand our clients’ success metrics and KPIs so that we can develop smart digital strategies. Maximize your market share in the digital universe.



Brand management has never been as extensive, experimental and flexible as it is today.
Your touchpoints are always providing new opportunities to engage with your audience.
We help you to be seen and understood.

Web Design


Our web design services will greatly enhance your company’s presence online. A powerful combination of brand strategy, creation, trends in UX and UI design. Since 2000, waar has designed and built over 150 websites, from e-commerce, B2B, B2C, non-profit to social networking.

Web Development


We offer website development services that are up-to-date with today’s technologies. We use the world’s most widely used open-source CMS WordPress. For e-commerce stores, we add WooCommerce or build everything directly with Shopify. We host in Switzerland.

Community Building


We support you in building sustainable relationships with your target group in order to gain the information that is crucial for you through collaboration with the community. This not only helps your brand, but also your employer branding.

SEO & Programmatic Advertising


We’re specialized in Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Design & Development and Community Building.

For both SEO & programmatic Advertising, we work with the best agencies in Switzerland.

Websites designed and built by waar

Small selection in random order. Excluded: All the white-label (ghost) or in-house work I do for international companies/agencies on their behalf.

5 Steps Approach

1. A&I
2. C&S
3. D&C
4. P&I
5. O&M

1. Analysis & Idea

Analysis means breaking your goals down into its various elements and then asking critical thinking questions such as WHY and HOW in order to reach some conclusions.

Based on those conclusion we start the creation of ideas.

2. Concept & Strategy

Based on your principles, thoughts and beliefs, we then formulate a brief concept that includes the essence of the ideas.

Then we define the strategy (plan) on how to achieve those short-, mid- and long-term goals.

3. Design & Content

We don't think of design and content as two separate things. On the contrary - for us, both are a mutually reinforcing duo. The interplay for attention is strengthened as a result.

If the content is king, then the design is undoubtedly the queen.

4. Production & implementation

This step brings everything together. We implement the desired results off- & online and ensure the correct implementation in all agreed systems, platforms and distribution channels.

5. Operation & Maintenance

It is a combination of general maintenance, management, business processes – if desired also budgeting, training, backups, and updates. All this is used together for the proper functioning of the implemented solutions.


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